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I created my first personal webpage, then˜loony2n, in the late 1980's using the Notepad text editor. It consisted of photos with descriptions of my recent adventures -- think MySpace before it was invented. A few years later, I created my first serious website for a Political Action Committee, originally, that featured a pie chart of real-time election results for a library funding measure. It's hard to imagine these days that the county elections office granted me access to their elections returns database! Over the next 25 years, I focused on corporate websites related to my profession. Once I presented an innovative (at the time) search page, then, at a conference in Washington DC and received a standing ovation. Most of these websites connected to back-end databases using Active Server Page, SQL Server or SharePoint. My first hosted platform website for Orenco Station Cyclery, then, ran on GoDaddy. Ever since, I have standardized on the Wix design platform to migrate Wagons West Travel Trailer Association from Homestead, Impulse Athlete from SquareSpace, and Bike Prescott from WordPress, or designed new Wix websites, such as Robert Dillon Books. and Squeaky Wheel Bike Repair.

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