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Squeaky Wheel Bike Repair is a non-profit service for residents of Wagons West Travel Travel Association in Tucson, AZ. Since 2020, Ed and his assistant "pip squeaks", have applied years of bike mechanic experience to repair hundreds of bikes within our 55+ community. Customers only pay for the cost of parts and materials. Additional cash payments or tips are not accepted. Convenience.

Need parts? You may choose new or used replacement parts. BICAS, a local non-profit bike shop, offers a bounty of clean, used parts for cheap. We also donate bikes, parts, accessories, etc. to BICAS to support their cause. Working together.

Got a flat? This is a "thorny" issue at Wagons West, especially when riding through the North 40. Tubes and tires are replaced as needed, but may be patched and/or injected with sealant if they provide a reliable repair. The typical cost is $6 or less. Top value.

Shopping for a used bike? Squeaky Wheel will appraise its suitability for your intended use, if the bike fits you, its mechanical and aesthetic condition and the used market price according to Bicycle Blue Book. We also search for the serial number in the Bike Index stolen bike registry. Peace of mind.

Got an e-bike? Squeaky Wheel services mechanical components including brakes, shifting, non-drive wheels/tires/tubes, etc. We don't service electrical or electronic components including the battery, cycling computer, wiring, motor, etc. Bik s (no 'e' bikes).

Need bike service? Squeaky Wheel Bike Repair, located at Unit 161, is open 7 days a week, but with irregular hours. Stop by or click the below button to schedule your service now.

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